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Do You Know About Cute Mouse Deer

Yellowish-brown fur mixed with brown spots is like axis Deer. The smallest Mouse Deer is about 10 inches high. Feet with little hooves are slender. During the day, it hides among the bushes. The night wanders in search of food; however, this deer is a quiet creature. Mouse Deer gives birth to one or two pups at a time. The habitat chosen by the Mouse Deer is a burrow under a rock plateau, the root of a decaying tree, or a bush covered with bushes. When a frightened innocent creature is fearsome, it quickly runs away and hides in an invisible place. Leopards, pythons, and predators are the natural enemies of the meerkat.
Although hunters do not hunt Mouse Deer, there are times when they kill people because they are greedy for meat. The loss of natural habitat due to human settlements and arson in the forests poses a severe threat to this small mammal’s life. Mouse Deer is of two species. White e Spotted Mouse Deer and yellow striped Mouse Deer.

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