The Pangolins are endemic to the lowlands of Sri Lanka. Also found in mountainous areas at an altitude of 1500 m. Termites are one of their most popular dishes.

Habitat And Size

The Pangolins’ body is covered with strong scales on its head, back, tail, and legs, and they are arranged like roofing tiles on a roof. These flattened corals are formed by the body hairs coming together and tightening. The underside of the body is slightly covered with hairs. The length of the adult skull from head to tail is about 1.15 m. The head is small, and the beak is pointed. However, the Pangolin’s eyes and ears are small. The bottom is firm. The legs are short. The forelegs have a slightly elongated head three-fifths of the way down. They help to turn the earth and humps. The nocturnal Pangolin digs a hole and inhabits it during the day after, the night goes by in search of foods. The shell of the scorpion is about 6 1/2 m. It is customary to cover the hole with soil when in the pit. The body sometimes emits an unpleasant smell.

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Although insectivorous mammals, toothless skulls have long tongues. With that help, many swarms of insects can eat at once. The nocturnal Pangolin can swallow up to 20,000 ants in one night. Ants, termites, and their eggs are food.

This lone nocturnal creature is covered with thick, scaly scales, and It has sharp edges and strong nails. With the help of them climb trees. Destroys ant’s abode. When they feel an accident’s service, the scales roll over like a ball, pointing at the enemy. It is similar to the contraction of a hacker or a hawk. The scales are located from the head to the tail. 

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The Pangolin is an innocent, beautiful creature, and silent creature. The female gives birth to a cub at a time. After that, The puppy grows under the mother’s care. In an accident or search of food, he hangs upon his mother’s tail. They usually give birth to two pups, and in some cases, there are three pups. However, Pangolins are identified as an endangered species in the country. 

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