Striped Squirrel

The smallest species of squirrel in Sri Lanka is called the Little Squirrel. Bath is a herbivore. Lennon is a beautiful black animal found in forests, gardens, and backyards in various parts of the country. An expert in tree climbing. Feet with sharp claws support it. The furry tail maintains the balance of the body.
Species of squirrels that live longer

  • Northern Sri Lankan Palm Squirrel
  • Wild Squirrel(Funambulus Palmarum)
  • Striped Jungle Squirrel
  • Layard’s Striped Squirrel(Funambulus lanyards)
  • Sri Lankan Dusky -Striped Squirrel
  • Jungle Squirrel(Funambulus sublineages)
Striped Squirrel
Striped Squirrel

Habitat And Size

The characteristic features of the lane species there are slight variations in ecological biodiversity and geography. Wild Squirrels are a rare species that live in forests. This species is found only in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. Three subspecies of northern squirrel are found in lowland, mountainous and arid regions. It is also expected there; however, Wild Squirrels are a well-developed body. You can see a dark color in that body. The squirrel is a raccoon creature that behaves alone or in pairs. Behavior is noon only. A squirrel that grows from head to tail is about a foot long. The leading food is a variety of fruits and grains.

Striped Squirrel
Striped Squirrel


Their Nest is made up of rotten banana leaves, twigs, cotton, and other leaves. Together they build their home. In a mound where their home is created, the roof can be pitched. Otherwise, the place covered with mango, coconut, and areca nut trees will form the Nest. However, Lane females give birth to two or three pups after two months of gestation.
The squirrel does have lots of enemies. Mainly, Crows, hawks, snakes, and cats are also enemies of squirrels. The genus is RCitridae (Rodentia), and the genus Citridae is Siuridai. Scientific name Funambulus Palamara.

Striped Squirrel
Striped Squirrel

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