Cheetah (panthera pardus fusca)

Habitat And Size

The Cheetah is smaller in size than the tiger. Mammalia belongs to the genus Felidae, and its scientific name is Panthera pardus fusca. The length of an adult Cheetah is between 42 – 52 inches. It has a long tail. It is about 30 inches high and weighs about 60 kg.

The background of the Cheetah skin is yellow. It has black spots. This body lotion helps to hide in the background with frequent dry leaves and dry grass. This is the phenomenon of transfiguration. Cheetah is a nocturnal animal. Also, it is a tree climber. Contributes to the bio-balance of the forest. However, Composed of muscles. The whole body is elongated, and winds can be cut off. It has a (streamlined) shape. From all this give excellent run support.




Do You Know? The Female Cheetah is an isolated animal during the reproductive period, and then she gets lonely again in a few days. Or in a living cave, the pups give birth in a hole in the soil.



Cheetah target preys are deer, antelopes, rhinos, monkeys, and other animals.
In the forest, he avoids encountering humans. People do not come forward to kill and eat. However, When there is a shortage of food in the natural habitat, there are times when Cheetah grazes cattle, goats, and dogs in nearby villages. It is endangered due to its limited habitat, scarcity of natural prey, and human poaching. The leopard is a law-abiding animal. The lifespan of a leopard is about 20 years.
In many parts of the world, leopards live in forests. In each country, the names Panther and Puma are used interchangeably.


Striped Squirrel

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