Slender loris

His scientific name is Loris Todigadus. A slow-moving animal with a slender body. Although there are many different types of leprosy, only Loris tardigrades are found in Sri Lanka. This species is also known as Loris gracilis.

Habitat And Size

Slender Loris is endemic to the warmer climates of Southeast Asia and the islands of East India. It lives in trees. Landing is rare, and they live at the top of trees. She sleeps in a hole or the middle of the branches and spends the day. When it sleeps, it grabs the branches around its limbs, hides its head, and curls up. When it gets dark, he wakes up and slowly crawls between the branches of the trees. As he approached the victim, he jumped forward.

The body of the feverfew is small, Thin and, The head is round. The beak is short. The skull is straightforward and, Round. The eyes are enormous. The ears are quite large, and the ears are slightly hairy. His legs are very long. Also thin. No tail. The thumb is short. There is no hair on the ear tip, ankle, or sole, except on the heel.

Slender loris
Closeup wild slow loris monkey sitting on the branch


Its upper incisors have four small cusps and five lower incisors.
At the end of the female’s gestation period, she gives birth to one. Its home is a tree trunk or a large trunk. The baby sucks milk from the mother and grows faster, and then goes with her to feed. The upper part of the body of the small calf is gray. The underside is white.

The slender Loris eat insects, worms, birds, and bird eggs. Geckos, lizards, tree frogs, etc. Bananas, papayas, mangoes, and valerian are also eaten. An adult weighs more than 1 kg,

Slender loris
Slender loris

However, the slender Loris infestation by rats and insects that damage the fields also helps the farmer. It is also difficult to see because it is a silent animal that moves very slowly. Above all, The average lifespan of a leper is about 8 years.

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