Quokkas doesn’t toss their babies at predators

Quokka, a Bad Parent?

There were some posts that quokka mother throws their babies at predators to protect themselves. This has called an anti-predator characteristic that mother quokka escape from danger, as the noise of the baby attracts the predator. One research indicates that mother quokka expels her offspring from the pouch when there is a danger. This response considers as a behaviour rather than an accidental thing.


Quokkas – the happiest animal in the world

Quokka is a small creature that has covered with short, fluffy, and brown-grey fur. It has little round ears and a small black nose. Quokka has recently named the happiest animal in the world and famous for it’s most contagious photoshoot-ready smiles. Quokka smiling is famous for photographs. Quokkas have found exclusively on the mainland of Western Australia and but now there is only a small number. These days they can be seen offshore on Rottnest Island near Perth. 

Quokka remains to Kangaroo and wallaby family, which known as the Macropodidae. This animal has similar characteristics to the Kangaroo. Some of them are, they like to hop around and carry the baby in front of the pouch. Further, they consider as short-tailed wallabies. 

Size and eating habits.

This animal weighs about 2.5 to 5 kg and has a length of 40 to 54 cm. Even though it is a small animal you cannot keep it as a pet like other furry animals.

When it comes to their eating habits, Quokka is herbivores. They mostly eat leaves, stems, bark and grass. Guichenotia ledifolia , a shrub-like variety is the favourite food of these animals. One special thing about this creature is that it can stay for longer periods without food and water. 



Australian Government protects this Quokka heavily since it has categorized as nature threated species. And also there are threats from other predators like foxes, dogs, and cats as well as from humans. 

Photo credit to https://pixabay.com/

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