Adorable Bunnies Think Their Dad is a Golden Retriever

Some of the animal’s friendships in the world are amazing. We all love to hear that kind of animal’s bonds. The friendship between different animal species, from cats to dogs to even more unexpected pairs, is even more special. I’m going to tell you about the fascinating relationship between four bunnies and the cream-colored Golden Retriever named Bailey. This story will surely warm your heart.

Bailey and the bunnies
Bunnies are one of our most endearing animals, and they have adorable long ears, and it adds more beauty to their cuteness. This video shows four 22-day-old bunnies being introduced to the beautiful Golden Retriever.

Bailey and the bunnies

Their owner put bunnies one by one onto the bailey’s bed.
Surprising the owner, Bunis showed no fear of Bailey, and the bunnies immediately went and hide in Bailey’s fur. after a little time, they accepted him as their father. Bailey also welcomed the four of them, and they began to play with Bailey’s fur. I think they felt the protection and comfort from Bailey.
After a while, the owner introduced another friend to Bailey and the bunnies, and that little friend was Sky. He was a beautiful bird. That new friend also got along well with the bunnies.

Bailey and the bunnies
This owner posted this wholesome video on his YouTube, and it gained over 6.7 million views in just one week.

Watch the adorable video below.

Media credits – YouTube / Instagram

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