A photographer captures a rare moment of rodeo ride among a frog and a beetle.

Wildlife photography is one of the interesting areas for every photographer. They enable to capture, funny, and rare moments of wild animals. There are photographers who specialized in wildlife photography. A talented wildlife photographer in Indonesia has captured a weird moment of a frog and giant horned wood-coring beetle. This photo shows a tree frog is going on a wild rodeo ride on the giant horned wood-coring beetle’s back. The species of this frog is Reinwardt’s Flying frog, which considers as a threatened species. These frogs can glide down from trees using the skin between fingers and toes. So, this species called flying frogs. 

This photographer is Hendy MP and he is a talented wildlife photographer. He lives in Sambas, Indonesia. This adorable and rare incident has captured in nearby his home. MP interest in macro photography and loves to take Macro photos in wildlife. It uses to capture attractive larger-than-life photos of small creatures like insects, amphibians, and reptiles. This helps to identify their features correctly since it gives a larger image than the real size. Macro photography is the perfect way to investigate the tiny world of lizards, insects, and frogs with close-ups.  Photographers can have close-ups of those creatures with their activities. This photograph also one of the rarest moment that can see among wildlife. This wild rodeo ride has popular among social media and this will be a good photograph for those who interest in wildlife photography.




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