A Cat Became Best Friends With A Eurasian Lynx’s

If someone asked what the most beautiful thing of your life is, I said it is true friendship. it has been changing the world from awful to pleasant. Friendships become more stunning and remarkable even when friends are different from each other. But it’s a little bit harder to build up that kind of friendship because thinking patterns, lifestyles, and cultures are different. Today we are telling you about a friendship between Lynxes and a cat. Both are the same family.

Image Credit & More Info: ignoramusky | lifewithcats.tv


We have found these amazing friends from St. Petersburg zoo. Russian cat sneaked into the zoo for food, then it saw some foods in Lynxes cage. Cat thought that lynx is a giant version of him. After that seen each other two immediately start their friendship. Cat has been treating the lynx as his mother. Many people are coming to the zoo to see this special bond. Therefore zoo had been adopted this cat officially last year. Now both are living together wherein a place specially allocated for themselves. If you also used to visit this zoo, don’t forget to say hi to these buddies.

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