Do you know? Why Kiwi lost its wings

Tane Mahuta

Do you know why the kiwi bird hasn’t any wings? It’s an exciting story that we will be telling you today. When Tane Mahuta, Who is the God of the forest, walking in the forest, he found that bugs threatened his children while they reached the sky. Then he talked to his brother Tanehokahoka and asked him to call the birds. Then Tane Mahuta spoke to birds. He said that someone is eating his children, and he wants one of the birds to come down from the forest roof to save trees. Further, he said, if they can save trees, their home also can be saved. He asked, “Who will come?” but no one spoke.

kiwi bird
kiwi bird

All other birds refused

Then Tanehokahoka turned into Tui and asked whether it comes down from the forest roof. But it refuses since he loves it when the sun filtering through the leaves. But he doesn’t like the cold, dark earth. So he doesn’t love to come down from the roof. Further, it afraid of the dark.
Then Tanehokahoka turned into Pukeko and asked, “Pukeko, will you come down from the forest roof?” it also refuses to come down since the ground is too damp and doesn’t want to get their feet wet. Again Tanehokahoka turned into Pipiwharauroa and asked the same question. Since it is busy with building the nest, he couldn’t accept it.

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Tanehokahoka realized that no children wouldn’t come down from the forest roof. And his brother will lose his children as well as birds lose their home. Finally, Tanehokahoka turned into Kiwi and asked whether it comes down from the forest roof. Luckily, it agreed to come down from the trees. Even though both brothers were happy, Tanemahuta warns Kiwi about the risk it can face.
He said to Kiwi that it should have thick and strong legs to rip apart the logs. Further, it won’t return to the roofed forest since it may lose its beautiful feathers and wings. And he will never see the sunlight again.

At Last

After explaining the risk, the God of the forest asks again whether Kiwi likes to come ground. He liked to come to the earth. Gods were pleased. Tane muta turned into other birds and said that E Tui would have two white feathers at the throat as the coward mark since it was afraid to come down. Pukeko will live forever in a swamp since it doesn’t like to get its legs. And the punishment for Pipiwharauroa was that it wouldn’t build nests forever and lay eggs in others’ nests because it is busy with building nests.

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But God said that Kiwi would be the most loved bird due to its scarification.


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