The animal that Mixed with A Rabbit, A Kangaroo, A Pig, And A Mouse.

What is your favorite animal? Absolutely you can’t give the answer quickly because it’s a tricky question. Some people love dogs because of their cuteness, and some are love cats for their adorable. When you think about the koalas, birds, rabbits, kangaroos, and other kinds of animals, it’s hard to pick one animal. Today we are telling you about a cute animal that mixed with four animal features. We know you all indeed love this animal if you are mice, rabbits, pigs, and kangaroo lovers.

Image Credit: officialzsl

Today we are talking about Jerboa. It is a tiny creature that surely steals everyone’s hearts because of its cuteness. They are extremely tiny, and the length is from 2.8 – 3.5 inches. According to scientists that its tail is twice as long as its whole body. Do you know? They are the only animals that ears are larger than the body. This animal is nocturnal. You can catch them only at night time. Because day time they hide in the deep bunch. Jerboas love to eat flying insects.

Image Credit: Joel Sartore- Photo Ark

We can found them in southern Mongolia and northwestern China, and Jerboas were first found in 2007. They can jump significant heights by using them. Jerboas front legs are smaller, and it uses them to hold foods.


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