Little Duckling Actually Thinks That The Owl is Her Mother.

LDay by day, we are getting fantastic news in the animal world. We all know they mercilessly feed on one another for their survival. A closer look at the bonds animals shares with one another will show you that they are also bound to one another with love and affection. Mother’s love is the most potent love that someone ever has. We can’t replace it and can’t be compared with anything. Today, the story tells you that owl mom tried to become a mother to a duckling.

Image Credit & More Info: Laurie Wolf Artist |

This owl builds her nest near Laurie Wolf’s residence. Laurie Wolf is the one who told this story and the owner of these beautiful and loving photographs and lives in Florida. Laurie loves bird photography, and at this period, she saw what the owl was doing. One day she surprisingly saw a little duckling beside the owl. First, she thought that was a baby owl, but Laurie understood that it was not an owl but a duckling.

However, Bird expert advised Laurie to remove duckling from the owl nest. Because sometimes owls eat young ducks too. At last, Laurie moved out the duckling from the nest. Laurie said to us that the little duckling actually thinks that the owl is her mother.

Christian Artuso who is director from the bird Studies Canada said that  “it is not commonly documented but it does happen for sure. Sometimes female ducks would lay eggs or two in the nest of another duck or another closely related species”. In my Conclusion, this is the another wonderful side of our mother nature that we didn’t heard.

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