15 images That Pets Hilarious after Getting A Bath

If you have a pet, you know how they can be entertaining. Indeed you all got that experience when you take your pet to a bath. Most pets are hating it. Love to watch what they do when that bathing time. When fur coats get dumped with the water, their appearances change totally.

Please check out today’s collection of pets when they get wet. More info & Photo courtesy: Pawsplanet

#1 Why have you chosen me.

#2 When you suddenly figure out what’s happening.

#3 Have you seen a rabbit get wet?

#4 Feed me is not a permission to do anything.

#5 Please me out?

#6 Is it the same pet?

#7 Everyone isn’t happy about what happened.

#8 Is that the same the cat?

#9 Why me?

#10 I am not a see creature.

#11 You break my trust

#12 I can get a bath myself.

#13 It is the darkest hour in my life

#14 No!!! That isn’t me.

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