Australian Firefighters Pose For Calendar Photos With Animals

This is the annual firefighters’ calendar for 2021. Each year, Australia’s Firefighters issues s calendar as charity. It has been issuing calendars since 1993, raising over 3.2 dollars which are used in charitable services.

Australia has been facing devastating incidents recently, the constant bushfires which have already taken over an estimated 1 billion of animal lives. These brave souls have been giving their service to their maximum to battle with these natural disasters and save wildlife in the process. Recovering from the recent bush fires, it is a huge process to treat and to return the rescued animals to their homes, which in some cases doesn’t exist anymore. The calendar for 2021 mainly focuses on animal rehabilitation. You can help out the cause by purchasing as well, please visit their website for more information, if you are interested. Check out the calendar photos taken below and vote your favorite to the top! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

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