You should adopt a bear too

Nearly you all have pets, and we love them full of our hearts. Do you believe if someone adopts a bear and lives inside their house? Today we are bringing you that story. Meet Svetlana and Yuriy, who adopted today’s main character. They found this adorable bundle as a cub. Now it’s 23 years old. It got named Stephan. Now he is a big boy but still together with Yuriy and Svetlana. Check out this Stunning photo collection.

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Stephan is now a huge fluffy ball and weighing over 300 pounds and reaching all-around 7 feet in height. But to the Yuriy and Svetlana, he is still the poor helpless cub found 23 years ago.




Fish is his favorite. Sometimes he ate more than 25Kg per day. He has never been acting aggressively. He loves to spend his time next to Yuriy and Svetlana and watch TV together.




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