Newly Born Baby Snow Leopard from New York Zoo Seneca Park

No matter the species, every baby is adorable. Today we meet you, a newly born baby Snow Leopard from New York Zoo Seneca Park. Snow Leopards are native to the Asian region that near to Himalayans, Nepal, and Siberian woods. Still, this joy bundle does not have a name.
Now he is 19 days old, and unfortunately, he is gone through a breathing problem and some infection. The Zoo is carefully monitoring him due to the risk. Because of this situation, he has been isolated from the mother until recovery. This news was posted by Adam Bello, who is the Executive of Monroe County.

More info & Photo courtesy:  Seneca Park Zoo | Wikipedia | Facebook




We got some more Photos of Snow Leopards we hope you will enjoy them too.

Snow Leopard, Leopard, Big Cat, Snow, Winter, Zoo

Leopards, Snow Leopardss, Wild Cats, Pair, Big Cats

Snow Leopard, Irbis, Female, Predator, Carnivores

Snow Leopard, Close Up, Profile, Cat, Big Cat

Snow Leopard, Portrait, Predator

Snow Leopard, Big Cat, Animal, Mammal, Fur, Wildlife

Snow Leopard, Leopard, Snow, Ice, Glacier, Mountains

Snow Leopard, Leopard, Panthera Uncia, Big Cat, ZooSnow Leopard, Big Cat, Animals

Snow Leopard, Irbis, Predator, Panthera Uncia, Big Cat

Snow Leopard, Irbis, Männllch, Predator, Carnivores

Snow Leopard, Big Cat

Snow Leopard, Play, Get It All, Snow, Zoo, Big Cat

Snow Leopard, Paw, Misery, Threatened, Skull, Big Cat


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