Hummingbird Nests Are As Little As A Thimble, Beware When You Trim

As all of us understand, hummingbirds are the tiniest birds worldwide. They are gifted vocalists and a beautiful view to see, but unfortunately, 34 hummingbird species are noted as seriously endangered species. Some of them could also totally disappear from Earth within the next ten years. This is why it is vital to safeguard them and maintain their reproducing grounds.

These birds make their nests using spider net, lichen as well as plant. Because they make use of soft products, their nests are incredibly delicate. They develop these delicate frameworks on branches hanging over running water or open areas. Although hummingbirds use these tricks to camouflage their nests, it also makes their nests a little bit harmful.

Image Credit & More Info: US Fish and Wildlife Service | Wikipedia

As you all recognize, they are tiny as a couple of inches long, and their eggs are tiny too. They appear like jelly beans, and because of their small nature, some of us also often tend to destroy their nests without being aware of it. Actually, when you lowered the branches of a tree or cut down a hedge in your fence, there could be hummingbird nests. Please check and ensure that there aren’t kinds of nests hidden amongst the fallen leaves when you cut branches.

You can not see them flapping their wings with the nude eye as these birds flap their wings between 50-80 beats per second. They also consume rather a lot (according to their body dimension) each day, and also they feed 5-8 times, according to the professionals. It means that they invest a bigger section of the day in discovering their foods. Do you know? Their metabolic rate is quick. They have to use a lot of energy on flying.


If you do a quick study, you can also locate some even more fascinating realities regarding these little animals. If you have some truths to share, we agree to listen to them!



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