Magical Photo Of Hummingbird Wings Beaming Like Rainbows

Often most of the gorgeous things are left unnoticed by a lot of us. Many of us do not even have time to watch our backyard’s Birds with this lifestyle. However, if you meticulously see your environments, you would definitely be blessed to see many attractive things around you, which are the gifts of Mother Nature.Christian Spencer was always a massive admirer of mother nature. He liked all withered leaves, beautiful flowers, and noisy ocean waves. Because he wanted to keep all those pretty things he sees and reveal them all to others, he became a photographer. One night when he was seated on his verandah in Rio de Janeiro, he saw a Jacobian hummingbird.

The most excellent point was exactly how the sun strikes through the bird’s wings, developing an effect comparable to a prism. The shades traveled via the bird’s wings, making it a flying rainbow, and Christian was left speechless! He right away chose to record this fantastic view, and scroll down, you would undoubtedly see his gorgeous shots.


Image Credit & More Info: | Christian Spencer


In 2011, Spencer caught the gorgeous bird’s activities for a movie called The Dancing of Time. Since then, these images have gotten 10 global honors and the three best film honors. But there were even more rainbow-colored hummingbirds to find. A couple of years later on, Spencer took another look at the subject. “I decided to try and photo the exact same phenomenon created by birds’ wings with my cam,” he told My Modern Met. His most current innovative endeavors resulted in a series called Winged Prism. These images reveal “a trick of nature that can not be seen with our eyes.”


Spencer claimed he didn’t make use of any digital adjustment while producing the series. “There is no special technique,” he clarified, “just diffraction of light via the wings of these vivid birds.”

” Nobody ever could have dreamed that this was a truth. I get emails daily from individuals across the globe touched by these images.”


Christian Spencer recorded the sun brightening a black Jacobin hummingbird. It produced a prism effect that makes it look like the creature’s body is as vivid as a rainbow. “There is no special strategy, simply diffraction of light with the wings of this special hummin




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