The Baby deer ignore a Playful Kitten.

Isn’t it remarkable when two species come together and become the very best of friends? And also, here is something even more fantastic. This has to do with a kitten and a deer meets each other for the first time. The kitty was surprised.

One day, Miro, the kitten, and her owner identified a baby deer in their back yard and were most likely to check it out. That was when the kitten obtained all fired up and continued to properly check out the fawn.

It looked like the deer couldn’t care much less about the kitten, or possibly it was playing tough to obtain?


The deer’s ignorance towards Miro made her crazy. The cat was trying everything, from touching her on the head to providing her some caring licks. Yet whatever she did, the deer didn’t offer her any focus.

It turned out that the deer was simply a baby, less than 48 hours old. And that is why it could not offer the kitty cat the focus it looked for and experiment with it.

Luckily, a while later, the mother deer came and took it home.



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