Meet Nia Nia, An Uncommon Okapi Calf Birthed At Chester Zoo

Okapi is a threatened animal. The just living relative of the giraffe and provided on the Red List of Threatened Types of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Over the past 20 years, their populace has decreased by 50% because of unlawful searching and environmental loss.

The Okapi is evasive. It’s fairly tough to identify them in wild animals.

That is why the birth of any infant Okapi deserves commemorating. And, the Chester zoo has that luck. They welcomed the arrival of a newborn okapi, Nia Nia, at the end of 2015.

“The birth of an okapi calf is cause for the terrific party– they are sporadic and extremely unique,” Sarah Roffe, Group Supervisor of the okapis at the zoo, shared.

The unusual animal was birthed to 7-year-old K’tusha and 17-year-old daddy Trample.

The calf bone has simply started its very initial steps outside. It looks exceptionally adorable with zebra-like stripes on its back legs like its mama. These stripes enable it to follow its mom in the woodland and also maintain it concealed from killers.

There is a tale behind the name of the Nia Nia. The infant Okapi was named after a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)– the only country worldwide where okapis are found in the wild.

Additionally, these unusual animals are a nationwide sign in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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H/T: Cheshire Live


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