A Puma Loves Living With His Human Family

What do you think about adopting a puma? It’s a marvelous cat that comes from the wild.

Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev, a couple from Russia, made an additional point. They adopted a saved puma from the Saransk Zoo in Penza.

The couple first fulfilled Messi (name of the puma) when he was only eight months old. The wild cat was having a problem with health problems after that. They loved the puma at the first blush.

Aleksandr has always imagined having a big cat, a lynx, for example. When he and his partner Mariya spotted the puma at the zoo, they thought it was fate. They want to give him a house.
They determined to make an arrangement with the zoo to buy the puma. The good news is, the zoo concurred.

Aleksandr’s dream has happened. He obtains the puma as a relative.

The couple really enjoys the wild cat. They offer Messi needed medical attention and also correct care. They additionally take him for stroll 2 times a day.

” He is like a pet dog. We began taking him for a walk, detailed. The pet had not been really active before, Aleksandr said in an interview with RT, “Now we stroll a whole lot twice a day, as it’s expected to be. It doesn’t vary much from owning a canine in this sense.”

Mariya and Aleksandr also locate a pet training school for their puma. Messi is kind, lively, friendly, and also, in some cases, creates small naughty things.

Adopting a wild animal is not a simple job, yet the couple has been doing actually excellent. The 3 are living happily in their home.

The wild cat additionally has an Instagram account with more than 600k followers. He is additionally a star on Youtube with over 1780k customers. Wild animals can be lovable as well as affectionate individuals.

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