11 Lovely Birds That Look Like They Were Drawn By A Wonderful Artist

Planet earth is a remarkable place where extremely stunning animals live. Among them are the birds that fly with the skies and that very few people have actually had a lot of money to know them. Today we bring you a list of one of the most stunning birds on the planet.

# 1. Quetzal

It is referred to as the spiritual bird, and also, for several, it is the most beautiful bird worldwide; regrettably, it remains at threat of extinction. It has an attractive eco-friendly quill that captivates any person. It currently lives in Latin America, and also there are records of this bird for years. As a matter of fact, the Mayans used their feathers to create their royal plumes.

# 2. El diamante Gould

This attractive bird is of Australian origin and lives in exotic areas where there are high trees and a great deal of water close by. Its population has actually lowered substantially because of the extinction of its environment.

# 3. The wire tail bouncer

This famous bird lives in the Amazon and has really vivid colors.

# 4. Royal bird of heaven

Its name refers to an authentic bird of heaven. The Cicinnurus type is native to the island of New Guinea. The Male is crimson and white with bright blue and environment-friendly legs tipped with fan-shaped feathers over his shoulder.

# 5. Bird of Paradise Wilson

This bird, along with very attractive and striking shades, has a tail in the form of a mustache.

# 6. The guinea fow

The guinea fowl is a species of Numididae bird that populates the savannas of East Africa from Tanzania to Ethiopia. Its colors are lovely as well as it remains in threat of termination.

# 7. The tocororo.

It is initially from Cuba. Its tuft is one of the most vivid, and it is identified as the nationwide bird of Cuba.

# 8. The Indian paradise flycatcher

The Indian paradise flycatcher is a medium-sized bird native to Asia, where it is distributed. As the world populace is thought about secure, it has been listed on the IUCN Red Listing as Least Concern given that 2004. It belongs to the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Myanmar. They consider it an elegance.

# 9. Parakeets of various shades.

# 10. The monal redstart

It is a bird of the Phasianidae family. It lives in the rhododendron and coniferous forests of the Himalayas and is thought about as the nationwide bird of Nepal.

# 11. Grandala

Its blue color is lovely and captivates anyone. There are really a couple of birds of this shade in the world. A bird belonging to the mountains of South Asia

There is no doubt that God is the most influential painter.

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