Photographer Catches SunBird Using A Flower As a Bathtub

Rahul Singh is a wild animal digital photographer who has handled many impressive shots with a wide range of different animal species.

These include elephants, deer, rhinos, jackals as well as monkeys. As attractive as these may be, his actual enthusiasm is recording photos of colorful birds.

This is the minute that left him stunned.

” I saw an area where there were bushes of these decorative bananas to take photos of sunbirds drawing nectar from it.”

” Whatever was going as typical when, unexpectedly. I was stunned that the crimson sunbird started washing in the water saved in the banana flower.”

The red petaled blossom in these photos is called the banana blossom. Also it gathered water from the morning drizzle in one of its flowers.

The tiny crimson sunbird, which only extends to 4 inches long. She tooks advantage of the possibility to cool off on a hot day.

After filling on nectar, the small songbird cooled off in the petal ‘bathtub’.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Rahul. In all his years of bird enjoying, he had never ever seen anything like it.

” I was actually shocked to see these unusual habits. I maintained my electronic camera’s shutter button pressed as the bird took her bathroom.”

Then Rahul posted the photos onto his Instagram. He was plainly delighted to have been at the best place at the right time to capture this magical moment.

” This was actually a once-in-a-lifetime minute,” claimed Rahul. “It’s impressive exactly how nature can surprise us.”

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