These Photos Of The Andromeda Galaxy Will Blow Your Mind

Area and celestial bodies are such a remarkable set of topics that any of us would be enthralled by speaking about them. They are even more remarkable when they brighten the evening sky and impress us while we simply stare at them in awe. Galaxy, the galaxy our Planetary system belongs to, is primarily seen in the night skies. But, we can see the closest galaxy besides the Milky way in the evening skies as well, and also a Swiss Professional photographer has also caught some amazing pictures of it.

This surrounding galaxy is called the Andromeda Galaxy. Although we claim that it is the closest, it is still 220,000 light-years away from our very own galaxy. Sandro Casutt, who lives in Vals, a town in Switzerland, is a fool for the night sky. He performs his own Tattoo parlor for his daily task and quests his interest when the sunlight drops as an evening skies enthusiast. This terrific galaxy discovery recorded by Casutt is fantastic and so colorful that some may believe that this is photoshopped.

With the help of his sibling Markus, Casutt is now carrying out training courses in catching the evening sky after the release of his Cosmic Art Digital photography collection. We have listed down some of his fantastic work below for you. Please scroll down to check them out and also elect your much-loved shot to the top. Do not hesitate to fall your suggestions concerning this collection in the comments areas below.


More info & Photo courtesy: Sandro Casutt | Facebook | 500px











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