The Champions Of The Milky Way Digital Photography Context 2021

Our Planet Earth is in the Galaxy called the milky way. We can record the trails of the stars of the milky way in the night skies with long exposure setups. It is one of the most amazing things that show up to the human eye.

Showcasing the very best photography abilities associating with the night sky, especially the Galaxy; Capture the atlas have actually organized the Galaxy photography competition for the year 2021. They have actually launched the pictures of the winners. Capturing the milky way is not a very easy job since there must be a great deal of precision and persistence when capturing the night sky photo with every other element of a great photograph taken into consideration already.

We have actually gathered them listed below listed for you. Please scroll down to take a look at these winning photos of the Galaxy as you rank your favorite to the top. Share your suggestions with us in the comments sections listed below.

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#1 Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia – José Luis Cantabrana

#2 Bisti Badlands, New Mexico, USA – Christine Kenyon

#3 Baudin Beach, Kangaroo Island, Australia – Blntpencil

#4 Big Sur, California – Marcin Zajac

#5 Mungo, NSW, Australia – Daniel Thomas Gum

#6 Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA – Bryony Richards

#7 Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain – Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti

#8 Mungo, NSW, Australia – Kelly Teich

#9 La Palma, the Canary Islands, Spain – Antonio Solano

#10 Fanthams Peak, Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand – Larryn Rae

#11 Java, Indonesia – Gary Bhaztara

#12 Villarrica Volcano, Chile – Tomas Slovinsky

#13 Hormozgan Province, Persian Gulf, Iran – Mohammad Hayati

#14 Lycian Way, Turkey – Alyn Wallace

#15 Iguazu Falls, Brazil – Victor Lima

#16 Susten Pass, Switzerland – Benjamin Barakat

#17 Helmos Observatory, Greece – Constantine Themelis

#18 Velika Planina, Slovenia – Uroš Fink

#19 Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA – Daniel Stein

#20 Cadini di Misurina, Dolomites, Italy – Stefano Pellegrini

#21 Zion National Park, Utah, USA – Zion National Park, Utah – USA

#22 Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA – Phil Sisto

#23 Utah, USA – Spencer Welling

#24 Riaño, Spain – Pablo Ruiz

#25 Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia – John Rutter


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