Adorable beaches in New Zealand for Nature Lovers

Some Destinations grant us everlasting memories. When we need a change in our life, we select variable destinations to take some thrill, especially beaches. When you chose to visit New Zealand for a change, I’m sure you will be able to gain more precious memories. The country has terrific coastlines with extraordinary beauty. It will definitely inspire you.

Totaranui Beach

People on Beach during Sunset

This golden sand beach, clear and blue water, takes you on an extraordinary journey. So, It is located in Abel Tasman National Park toward the northern end of the Abel Tasman Track. The New Zealand Regime gives a translation of “many tōtara trees” for Tōtaranui. Green tree cover, blue water, and milky waves definitely inspire you. There is a campground at beautiful Totaranui Beach. During summer you could take a better experience with sunshine and breezy windy.

Mount Maunganui Beach

New Zealand, Mount Maunganui, View, Waters, Sea, Coast

This is one of the beautiful beaches in New Zealand, and it colors up the country. It is located in north-east Tauranga city. Many visitors reach there to spend their summer vacation. It has a pictorial beauty with white sands and an incredible landscape. The New Zealand regime gives a translation of “large mountain” for Maunganui.

Hahei Beach

Phiti Credit Pawel Papis
Phiti Credit Pawel Papis

Hahei is probably the most prominent beach coloring the Coromandel Peninsula. So, it located near Cathedral Cove between hot water beach and cooks beach. Cathedral Cove famed for its legacy in Chronicles of Narnia films. Mahurangi Island (Goat Island) is the most iconic feature of Hahei beach. It lies on the edge of the Te Whanganui-A-Hei marine reserve. However, this bunch of wonder tips offers you series of happy moments beyond your thinking pattern.

Koekohe Beach

New Zealand, Sea, Beach, Rock, Round, Moeraki Boulders

It is one of the lovely and well-known beaches in New located in the Otago, between Hampden and Moeraki. When you visit there, you may feel that big rounded rocks stay at the shore for you. It just like art. That outstanding rock concretions take marvel geologist’s and nature lover’s hearts. They came from as the result of coastal erosion of several millions of years’ worth. However, you could see a fantastic sunset event there by sitting on the rock.


New Zealand, Paparoa National Park

Punakaiki is located on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand in between Greymouth and Westport. Actually, It is a small community. You can see the Paparoa National Park next to the Punakaiki. Its most popular icon is pancake rocks. Do you knowZ? That the forested coastal region is the most popular tourist destination for fishing and kayaking spots. If you need a change, please visit there. I’m sure Punakaiki will inspire you.

Ninety Mile Beach

Sunset, Ninety Mile Beach, Beach, New Zealand, Orange

Ninety Mile Beach is located on the North Island of New Zealand. This beach spread on 55 miles on the western coast. Its southern end is close to the west of Ahipara Bay, near Kaitaia towards Cape Reinga along the Aupouri Peninsula. The beach is used as a highway for tourists and is used as an alternative to the state highway. Actually, it will be an adorable journey with natural beauty.,_New_Zealand

Matapouri Bay


Matapouri is located in the Whangarei District of Northland, New Zealand. Matapouri Bay

Consists of a white-sand has more incredible features such as mermaid pools, bush-lined headlands, and other beauty sessions. Visitors can enjoy freshwater swimming on these picturesque rock pools. . There is a local estuary in Matapouri Bay, it is another desirable swimming spot there. This place has miraculous beauty and safe swimming features on peaceful water. It definitely gives you an immortal touch.


New Zealand, Piha Beach, Beach, North Island, Auckland

The most famous Piha beach is located on the West Coast of Auckland. It is the most popular surfing destination. This well-known black beach Piha has inspired cinematic feats. Do you know? That black feature of sand came from volcanic origin. The piano film is one of the key settings of Piha. This also acts as a platform for national and international surfing championship competitions. This is a sheltered picnic area, especially in the summertime. However, Piha gives you a worthy summer experience.

Ohope Beach

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Ohope Beach especially popular during the summer and Christmas is located on the northeast coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Most of the visitors attract this white sand beach for its natural beauty. When you chose to visit there, you can explore its surrounded beauty by boat or kayak.

Oriental Bay

Wellington, Oriental Bay, New, Zealand, Capitol

Oriental Bay is located close to the Central Business District on Wellington Harbor. It is also a popular holiday destination during the summer. In addition, It provides you safe swimming experience. You can gain a wonderful summer experience there under bright weather and sunny surface.


Castlepoint has a historical view. It comes with the world-famous historic lighthouse there. It is located in the Wellington Region of New Zealand. In addition, Locals call this place a seagull island. You can see a large population of seagulls, native fur seals, and seabirds there. Whales may be visible from the shores during their migration seasons. Actually, Castlepoint is a jewel for New Zealand. You can see its legacy if you keep your footprint there.

Wharariki Beach

New Zealand, South Island, Wharariki Beach, Rock

Wharariki Beach is located on the Tasman Sea in the South Island of New Zealand. Wharariki Beach is near the Puponga Farm Park and Kahurangi National Park. Wharariki Beach has a wonderful landscape and people know it as Archway Islands. it adds series of beautiful sceneries to the human eye. If you visit there you can catch up with it.

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach adds more colors to your tourism diary. This incredible place is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. So, Tunnel Beach has rock arches, cliffs, caves, and sea-carved sandstone. This natural sea arch and the track take you to a fairy world. Please explore its beauty.

Wainui Beach

Wainui Beach is one of the best surfing destinations in Gisborne. Clearly, It has good swimming conditions and lots of scenic picnic spots. People are doing boat ramping and boat fishing, horse riding, and kite surfing there. If you wish to visit Wainui beach, you can enjoy all these activities there.

Oakura Beach

Oakura is an attractive beach in Taranaki. You can reach there just 15 minutes south of New Plymouth. This fantastic shoreline attracts island-wide surfers there. Not only surfing but also swimming is popular there. This place gets crowded during summer and other holidays. It is also available for you.

Kaikoura Beach

Robbe, Seal, Sea Lion, Sea, Ocean, New Zealand, Water

Kaikoura, Pacific Ocean, Sea, New Zealand, South Island

Kaikoura beach is located on the Northeast Coast of the southern island. It adds more value in summer for visitors. Good swimming conditions and surfing facilities are available there. It is most famous for whale and dolphin watching. If you visit there, you can see also seal colonies and penguins on your tours. Kaikoura is a great place to see marine life in the distance. Please add Kaikoura as one of the destinations of your journey book.

Kaiteriteri Beach

Shore, Coast, Beaches, Bay, New Zealand, South Island

This incredible seashore is located on the south island of New Zealand as a gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park. You will be a wonder if you visit thereby seeing its golden sand and aquamarine waters. This calm blue water tank promotes relaxed swimming and kayaking. Most foreigners and locals like to be there during warm periods. They do enjoy many things there under peaceful sunshine. Not only is the summer but also in winter Kaiteriteri available for you. Adventure seekers and nature lovers visit there to explore their freedom.

Haast Beach


Haast consists of a river mouth, bay, and beach with dramatic coastline scenery. It is located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. This beautiful coastal area is the most famous tourist destination in New Zealand. Not only for swimming or water sports but also hunting is available there. It provides you an inspiration vibe.,_New_Zealand


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