Meet Rare Goth Chicken

Today we are going to meet you, Goth Chicken. It is an uncommon type from Indonesia. This hen is as attractive as it is mysterious looking. It really has an incredibly unique vibe to it.

As well as mind you, it is not just the feathers that are black. Every solitary part of the bird is black, from inside to the outdoors, from its black onyx feet to its metal plumes. Even the inner body organs are black!

This is because of a hereditary mutation called fibromatosis. Meaning that added melanin leaks right into the tissue. Clearly, this does not affect the poultry’s total health and wellness.


This occurs while the chick is still in the poultry and the embryo is entirely black when it is born.

According to 12th-century Japanese mythology, the black poultry was considered a bird for the elite.


This charcoal-colored poultry is thought to bring health, wellness, and power, making it a good luck charm.



If you ever go to Indonesia, don’t forget to get a glance at this impressive chicken.

If the folklores are true, you will undoubtedly be blessed with wellness, power, and joy.

Well, it is a good possibility you should not miss!

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