Fake Eyes Saves the Cattle lives From Lion Attacks

Wildlife and farm life are different fields. When wildlife appears in the jungle, and the farm life seems in human-based regions. But sometimes, wild animals, especially lions, attack farm animals in rural areas. Therefore the humans attack the wild animals in return. Many predators are hunted illegally. One serious threat to large predators is farmers, who often shoot or poison them after losing farm animals to their attacks. However, Wildlife conservationists play a vital role in balancing this battle well. Researchers from South Wales University have introduced an innocuous solution for this problem. They shows Fake Eyes Saves the Cattle.

This research matter has long been a problem in the Okavango Delta. Different kinds of wildlife, including many large predators, visit the Okavango River for their water aids here. But the thing is many small farms are spread in this area. Therefore this struggle has been raised between humans and animals.  Therefore Botswana Predator Conservation and local leaders have done this research working with over 2,000 cows on 14 different farms in the Okavango area. This was four years of research, and the finding was, painting eyes on the backsides of the cattle. The researchers separated the cows into three different groups. They painted large eyes on the rear ends of one group of cows. The second group got simple Xs. The final group got nothing. 

Unfortunately, fifteen of the 835 Cows with nothing on their backs were killed by lions. The scientists were surprised to learn that even Xs seemed to give the cows some protection. Only 4 of the 543 cows with Xs were killed. However, The 683 cows with eyes painted on them, none were killed in the four-year period. The researchers received fantastic results, and as per results, the cattle painted with eyes had survived than non-painted cattle. It seems like a cheap and easy way to protect cows in the risky areas.

It is an excellent solution for the struggle of wildlife and farm life. Like we humans, we don’t have a right to animals. Both farm animals and wild animals should protect because they protect the biodiversity of the world.

More info & Photo courtesy: Botswana Predator Conservation



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