Great Wisteria Tunnels Make Picturesque Sceneries in Japan.

A bunch of flowers can provide us happiness and joy at first sight. It just relieves our moody minds. Therefore flowers have a magical power. We denoted flowers as gifts of the nature. I will tell you about a beautiful flowery world, and this is not a fairy tale. How did you feel that if you had to walk along a beautiful floral tunnel? It will be a graceful and immortal thing of your life. This story is from japan. Cherry blossom is a world-famous incident that is happening in Japan as Sakura Matsuri . And also, Wisteria bloom is another famous incident in Japan. Wisteria has an incredible beauty with Appearing in red, blue, white, yellow, pink, and purple colors. The Japanese celebrate the Wisteria blooming season in the late spring by walking under these magical flowery Great Wisteria Tunnels tunnels.

Japan wisteria season usually begins around mid-April and swells by the end of the month and at the beginning of May. By mid of May, the blooming fades away. This beautiful flower normally grows in both public and private places. Actually, Wisteria decorates japan as a flower world during this period.

When we talk about Wisteria, we cannot forget Ashikaga Flower Park. It is the biggest and the best place in Japan, if you like to enjoy the magical wisteria bloom is located in Ashikaga. Definitely, you will fall in love with these colorful flowers. Wisteria has stayed there for centuries. Ashikaga has a wisteria tree over 150 years old, and also it has over 350 wisteria trees with multiple colors there. It makes lovely and heart-touching sceneries in the Night. Most visitors attract to there for a magical walk at Night.

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is another impressive in Kitakyushu. You can see over 150 flowering wisteria plants with almost 20 different colors: white, violet-blue, blue, purple, and pink. Kameido Tenjin Shrine is another place that homes 100 blooming trees. These wonderful wisteria gardens add colors to Japanese culture. Most people visit there to see the Wisteria blossom. In the actual scene of the word, these magical floral ways show as the blessings of Mother Nature.  

I’m sure you will say after seen these excellent clicks that how beautiful the japan is.


Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from SoulAD



Kawachi Fuji-en Wisteria Tunnel

Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from dk tazunoki


Wisteria In Japan


Wisteria In Japan
Stock Photos from SoulAD








Kawachi Fuji-en Wisteria Tunnel


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