The Dietrich Native Species Treatment Center facilitates for Animals, especially for Canada Lynx

You can see a Canada Lynx here. It has taken to the Frisco Creek Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation in Colorado. It is formerly known as the Dietrich Native Species Treatment Center. This center is playing a vital role in Colorado’s Canada lynx recovery effort, and it is continuing. This center was established in 1989 by Susan Dieterich. She had begun this valuable service with her husband. The Colorado Division of Wildlife acquired the center from Susan Dieterich. They have been treated and rehabilitated animals for many years. Small birds have facilitated them to large moose. There were cared More than 3,000 individual animals. They have loved and cared for 100 Black bears, 25 mountain lions, and 50 eagles. After a drought and resultant food crop failure, 70 orphaned or injured black bears were brought to Frisco Creek for care in 2001 and 2002. Dieterich could have cared for Most of those black bears and released them back into the wild. Unfortunately, Herman Dieterich died suddenly in 2003. But his wife continued this work with support from Division of Wildlife staff members. In 2004, this facility was formally acquired by the Division of Wildlife.

 This center specializes continuously in the rehabilitation and species conservation of large carnivores like the Canada lynx. The Dietrich Native Species Treatment Center facilitates a full-service as a wildlife hospital by providing valuable service from all over Colorado. And also, they give a lynx holding facility for those big Canada cats which inhabit high elevations. These endangered giant cats live across Alaska, Canada, and northern areas of the contiguous United States, and usually, they hunt snowshoe rabbits. Some states have given them federal protection. Unfortunately, they have been caught for intensive trapping, degradation, and habitat losing incidents due to a lack of universal protection under the law. If the Endangered Species Act is fully implemented, they will have a chance to recovery again. We should think of animals because they add colors for the nature.

The Dietrich Native Species Treatment Center offers a wonderful service to wild animals. They have made a change and continuing it yet. Don’t forget to thank the Dieterichs. I wish others will have to generate valuable service as them.


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