A battle between a Bald Eagle and a Wolf

Eagles hold the top-level among more powerful birds in the world. Fully feathered heads and strong feet give them a bold look—wolves are also strong animals with sharp eyes. Think a bit if they get to battle with each other’s how would be the condition battle between a Bald Eagle and a Wolf?

bald eagle vs wolf
photo via castanet.net

Image Credit: SUBMITTED / Jason Allen

We can think the wolf would have the advantage because this struggle is going on the ground. But we can’t get that point with these picture references. The bald eagle seemed large than the wolf when seen side by side. Look at the eagle, and it shows how powerful it is by spreading enormous wings. A full-grown eagle’s wingspan can exceed seven feet, and its talons can grow more prominent than a man’s hand. Typically wolves grow to between three and five feet, but eagles can avoid wolves’ attempts with a powerful strike directed at the back of the skull of wolves. Eagles are doing this activity for other mammals also such as goats, deer’s and cattle.

bald eagle vs wolfImage Credit: SUBMITTED / Jason Allen 

According to these captures, we can see the wolf try to give up his meal by seeing the eagle’s forcing. Sometimes this struggle might have floated for long, but we don’t know what happened after recording the camera.

Wildlife is a fantastic world. We cannot predict what will happen next. Sometimes powerful animals have to give up their attempt, and the opposite party will achieve the victory. 

.bald eagle vs wolfImage Credit: SUBMITTED / Jason Allen

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