American kestrel – the smallest species of falcon in North America

I’m going to tell you about the smallest species of falcon in North America. This tiny bird’s called American kestrel as well as the sparrow hawk. It has colorful and attractive plumage. They have a unique ability to see ultraviolet light frequencies that other animals can’t see. They have two eyespots on the back of the head and which help to prevent attacks by predators. They have sharp eyesight and can spot prey while hovering up to 30m (90ft) away from it.  They are known as an opportunistic hunter who will target any readily available prey. American kestrel has spread on South America and is a well-established species that has evolved into 17 subspecies, and they are adapted to different environments and habitats throughout the Americas. They inhabit a wide variety of habitats. It includes forest, savanna, desert, woodland, grassland, and shrub land. These opportunistic carnivores typically hunt insects, birds, and reptiles as their food, and also their diet changes with seasonal variations.

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American kestrel reaches 27cm (10.5in) long with a weight of 85-170g (3-6oz). Their wings have a span of 51 to 61cm (20 to 24in) across. Their females are moderately larger than males and have sexual dimorphism with significant variations in appearance between males and females. The male has colored reddish-brown, and it has a tan breast with black spots pattern. And also, it has slate-blue wings. Females have brown beams across the back and a breast colored white with brown stripes. And also, it has multiple bands across her tail. The Pairs form after a courtship display. Once they form as pairs, they will remain with their partner for various years. They deposit 3-4 eggs which are incubated for a total of 28 to 31 days. Both males and females join the incubation process. The female provides most of the care at the nest, and the male goes out to collect food. It seems that they are responsible parents. The red-tailed hawk, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, and raccoons have been considered American kestrel’s Natural predators.

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This tiny falcon bird also adds colors to the nature. It helps to balance the biodiversity of the world. Don’t harm them. If you see an American kestrel, please enjoy only its beauty. 

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