Adorable moose family plays with water in Washington State

The Moose is the largest and heaviest species in the deer family. Moose is considered a solitary animal, and they do not form herds. The Moose is a New World deer subfamily member and usually eats both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation food. Although Moose lack upper front teeth, they have eight sharp incisors on the lower jaw, a tough tongue, lips, and gums, which help them eat of woody vegetation. They are not rare in Canada, New England, Alaska, Poland, and Russia. These animals usually inhabit boreal forests and temperate broadleaf, and mixed forests in the Northern hemisphere. Moose get mate after doing energetic fights between other males during in the autumn. Wolves, bears, and humans are considered as Moose’s predators.  Moose seems like an innocent animal. However, Moose can become aggressive, and move quickly if angered or startled. This thick-skinned animal can tolerate cold, but it seems poor heat tolerance. Unfortunately, Moose faces threats due to climate changes and also man-made activities. People have used to hunt Moose from the ancient era.

Emily Stull was worried that someone was eating the apples growing outside her house in Washington State. She has tried to find out who was doing that. Finally, she could able to find them. It was not human, and it was a family of Moose. She made a plan to chase away them. Emily saw the mother moose and her two kids appear in her backyard, and they were enjoying the water. The two baby moose have started to play among the sprinklers. It was what happened the exact opposite of Emily hilariously. However, Emily couldn’t win her plan to chase away Moose, and she was able to catch up with the beautiful clicks of Moose.   You may not believe that they are just animals. They are playing with water like humans. You can see that adorable capturing’s below.

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Image Credit & More Info; Emily Stull | facebook

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