Puzzling Pics Will Make You Look Twice

These puzzling pics will make you look twice, it’s hard to understand what’s happening exactly at first looking.

1. “Strange liquids on my roof”

puzzling pics© Far_Nectarine_3087 / Reddit

2. “Hi…Elmo?”

© manandsloth / Reddit

3. “Sometimes my cat turns into one giant ball of fur. Good luck seeing what’s what here.”

puzzling pics© sumbelka / Reddit

4. “Eyes on the road!”

© kayteeoh05 / Reddit

5. “This building near me”

puzzling pics© miranpav / Reddit

6. “Great legs…”

© bucket_of_frogs / Reddit

7. “Accidental forced perspective makes me look like a giant.”

puzzling pics© bradcrc / Reddit

8. “The reflection makes the dog wear shoes.”

© professionalw33b / Reddit

9. “The world’s longest horse”

puzzling pics© Halluc / Reddit

10. “Pillow or cat?”

© zmanye / Reddit

11. “Dog on a beach”

puzzling pics© TheGingerHarris / Reddit

12. “I mistook its nostrils for eyes and its teeth for a nose!”

© Spike-Tail-Turtle / Reddit

13. “My wife took this by a river and it totally looked like 4 different pictures.”

puzzling pics© Wolfgore777 / Reddit

14. “Floating bin”

© seyfaro / Reddit

15. “My reflection made it look like this dog was wearing a wig.”

puzzling pics© irinanotirina / Reddit

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