Baby Flamingo Tries So Hard To Be Adult

This is the adorable moment a baby flamingo takes its first steps towards becoming an adult.

As it turns out, many of us can relate to the young flamingo’s struggle to grow up.

A sweet picture of the 4-day old flamingo was uploaded onto Facebook with the caption:

“National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!”

Everyone seems to be in awe at the baby trying so hard to be an adult and many are finding it relatable.

Twitter user Celesse also posted a photo of the little bird with the caption: “BABY FLAMINGO… Who’s trying so hard to flamingo.”

The sweet baby is attempting to stand on one leg, just like his adult counterparts, but it doesn’t look like it’s going well.

Robin Weber, a member of staff from the Nation Aviary told Bored Panda “We all go through a bit of an “awkward stage.” and flamingos are no different!”

“Growing up is hard, but just be persistent like a baby flamingo! You got this!”

We believe in you baby flamingo!

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