Meet The Adorable Arctic Fox – The Hardiest Of All The Arctic Animals (Pics 10)

The beautiful arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive the harsh Arctic temperatures going as low as -58°F

No other creature living in the Arctic has fur that can provide warmth as adequately as the arctic fox.

The arctic foxes are ‘opportunistic omnivores,’ meaning they will eat almost anything, from animals to vegetables.

Sporting furry soles, short ears, and a short muzzle, these are all essential features to be able to withstand the frosty climate.

Arctic foxes are famous for their beautiful white coats which work great as a winter camouflage, but it changes color with the season.

The fox’s beautiful white coat turns a brownish-gray color to blend into the summer’s setting of rocks and plants.

These color adaptations help the fox effectively hunt their prey, often rodent, birds, and fish.

In winter, there can sometimes be a lack of prey, so the arctic fox will follow the area’s prime predator, a polar bear, and eat the leftover scraps.

Found all across the coastal regions of the Arctic circle, from Canada to Europe, Russia, Iceland, and more.

The arctic foxes’ beautiful fluffy tails help them to balance, just like a cat, and helps them keep warm in winter.

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