Lion Cub And Tiger Cub Are The Best Of Friends

It is certainly a rare scene to see lions and tigers in close proximity of each other, let alone best friends!

Here you can see two sweet cubs here to remind us that nature can always have exceptions.

African Safari Park has been posting pictures of the pair on their Twitter account and people have been going crazy.

Staff at the zoo have been sharing these adorable photographs over the last few weeks, making thousands of people coo over the images

As cubs, they are no danger to each other, or even to other smaller animals, like this rabbit.

The lion cub appears to be eyeing up its prey

The lion cub appears to be eyeing up its prey

They seem to be completely oblivious of their differences as they lay down next to each other.

This isn’t the first time we have seen something similar, do you remember the tiger cub and puppy that became friends?

Image credits go to African Safari Park

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