Whole Elephant Family Protect Newborn From A Bull Elephant Separate From Mother

Elephants are majestic, beautiful, emotional creatures who have the power to pull at your heartstrings when observing them

They are very protective of their young and create bonds that last a lifetime.

When a time of threat arises, the family will push the young to the middle of the group.

This is followed by a symphony of loud calls while the herd protects their most vulnerable from the danger, in this scenario, it was one of their own bull elephants.

The scene was captured in stunning black and white photos by wildlife photographer Peter Delaney.

He was trying to separate the baby from its mother, the newborn shrieked loudly which prompted the herd to instantly surround it.

The herd was not happy that the bull was kicking the baby and its cries and shrieks rung out, loudly.

The mothers and aunts in the group attempted to give reassurance to the young.

Thankfully, the herd’s bond was stronger than the will of the rogue bull, and eventually, they managed to rally around the baby and keep it safe.

Photographer Peter Delaney enjoys black and white photography has a passion for wildlife and landscape.

Check out more of his work on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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