Why did puffins go extinct?

Puffins are small, short-legged seabirds that inhabit the North Atlantic and Arctic regions. They eat a variety of fish, crustaceans, and plankton. The most common colors of puffin are black and white with some individuals having a light brown head and back feathers. Ok lets will see why did puffins go extinct?

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How many species of puffin are there in the world?

There are about 20 species of puffin. The most common types of puffins are the Atlantic Puffin, the tufted or crested Puffin, and the great northern (or eider) Puffin. However, there is also a type of small North Pacific bird called an “Alaska” or “Aleutian” Puffin that lives in Alaska.

What do puffins eat?

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Puffins are seabirds with a long, thin beak that they use to spear fish. They live on the rocky cliffs of the Arctic Ocean, eating tiny shrimp-like crustaceans called krill and other small fish. They spend most of their time at sea but come back to land every year or so to breed. They nest in burrows dug into cliff walls, lay two eggs each, and both parents take turns incubating them for about 45 days before they hatch.

Why did puffins go extinct?

The species was hunted to extinction by 18th century humans for their meat, feathers, oil, and down.

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There are many reasons for the puffin’s extinction including:

• Hunting them for food during the late 1800s.

• Industrial pollution caused by ships that used whale oil as fuel.

• Habitat destruction due to coastal development or fishing nets that damaged seabird habitats..

Do puffins fall in love?

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Puffins are monogamous birds and only pair up with one partner for life. They stay close to their mate, which is usually the male, through courtship displays that include performing an elaborate dance or puffing out their feathers to show off.

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