9 Amazing Facts About Dolphins Will Amaze You!

Dolphins are a set of charming sea creatures that everyone beloved. Some people call them the dogs of the sea due to the fact that they are so friendly and charming. However, they are known and beloved by a bunch of people all around the world, here are a few facts that you may not know about Dolphins. With high intellect levels, social relationships, and much more that have made scientists wonder about Dolphins. They are one of the most marvelous creatures on the earth.

Dolphins have the ability to stay awake for an extended period of time, even as long as 2 weeks. They can do it because they can rest one half of their brain at a time when the other half is awake.

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#1. They can be up for weeks!

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The BBC has done a study where Dolphins were seen passing around a pufferfish as long as they would be intoxicated and pass time with their friends while being high.

Researchers have studied how dolphins use unique calls, which are their own “signature whistles”. They record it and when they played it, the respective Dolphins instantly responded.

#3. They have unique calls for themselves that they use as names.

As Military forces train dogs for detecting bombs, Dolphins are trained to detect submarine mines as trajectory-specific targets.

#4. Dolphins are trained in the military.

U.S. Pacific Fleet / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

After identifying the dolphins, which share a mutual behavior, they all remain together as a group. They travel, hunt, play, and spend the day as a team.

#5. Dolphins don’t chew.

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#6. They develop Dolphin friendships according to their habits.

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#8. There are around 36 types of Dolphins in the world.

There are above 36 varieties of dolphins. Because of these various types, it may be somewhat difficult to decide on conservation when some types are generally protected while others may decrease in number.

#9. They utilize tools.

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Since they are intelligent kinds of animals and they are seen to employ tools to ease their daily routines. The researchers studied a few dolphins bringing sea sponges from far away to leave them on the ocean floor, to lure the fish hidden into open.


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