Have you ever heard that a dog that can travel alone on the bus?

Meet Seattle’s celebrity dog Eclipse, who takes a bus every day to the nearby park by herself. Seattle passengers have seen a 2-year-old black Labrador driving a bus alone and always go to the same destination. One of the riders named Tiona Rainwater said that all the bus drivers know her and she sits there the way a human does. She keeps everyone happy. See her cute and lovely face. Would you not love her?

This incident happened when Eclipse was at the bus stop with Jeff Young, her owner. Juan takes longer to finish his cigarette, and when the bus arrives, Eclipse got on the bus and got off at the park by herself. After that day, the owner knows that he can always find her at the park. She travels 3-4 stops on the D-Line bus and always every place that she should get off. While some say the Eclipse is ideal, King County allows dogs on public transport at the driver’s discretions, drivers are always happy to give a lift for this four-legged brave miss as no one hurts by her and she makes the students laugh. The doggie herself seems to be proud of her life.

In addition, her Facebook profile reveals that she lost her big city and loves to take the D line to Beltown dog park every day. If you are traveling on a D-Line bus in Seattle, you may encounter an unexpected Eclipse passenger. Every bus driver knows about her. She is sitting here, as the person wishes. See, how adorable to see.

This doggie travels the bus alone and there is a bus pass in her collar and she gets off at her most preferred park. King County allows dogs on public transport for a driver’s discretion, and the Eclipse is laughable. Therefore, drivers are always preferred to give her a lift.

She can keep everyone happy. Can you refuse this lovely face?

Watch thҽ video below:

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