How To Calm Your Adorable Dogs During Firework Seasons

You know, dogs are scared of fireworks. So, what can we do to help our adorable dogs? Thankfully, there are lots of easy strategies for dog owners. From distraction to anti-anxiety robe and more.

This 17-year-old student Caitlin Miller is a dog owner from South Shields and she had shared on social media about this $30 costing easy strategies. She had written on Social media that for anybody whose dogs are afraid of fireworks, instead of using anti-stress robes you can just find a pair of used socks and cut the ends of it and put them securely on their heads.

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#1 Student who is from the UK has done this with his dog and it had worked for him to calm his dog

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

Miller said that as a result of this the pet gets a feeling of being cuddled and that it relaxes them. And said they were using it last year and using it this year. She said it was something she wanted to share with her friends.

#2 it’s not costly at all. All you need is a pair of old socks

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

#3 Her hack was inspired by an anti-stress band online which costs about $12

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

She was inspired by an anti-stress robe that she saw on the Internet to create this. The robe she had seen was something more than $12. And instead of purchasing one, she made one for her adorable pet. Her Facebook post had received more than 11k likes.

And somebody came up with another tip. He said the Tubigrip bandage works too. Another person said there were no socks in the world that would go through the head of his dog.

#4 Here what people said about this new hack

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