The old mare beats all the odds amazingly when she gives another set of twins after 18 months of her first twins.

The 19-year-old mare beats the whole odds in her life, 18 months after the birth of her first twins and the birth of her second twin. This is because it is extremely rare for a horse to give birth to twins in its lifetime, let alone twice in a row. But Destiny opposed one in a million and surprised everyone, even her owner.

Tania MacKee, the owner of the Gassons Farm Stud in Exeter, UK, was shocked when Destiny gave birth to twins in 2018. So 18 months later, you can imagine her feelings about her when she gave birth to another set of twins. A scan during pregnancy revealed only one baby. Although the previous pair of foals are the same, this time the two little ones share a few inequalities, but they are still just as beautiful.

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Proud horse breeder shared that incredible news with the world through Facebook.
“Our wonderful mare foaled a couple of perfect foals – again !!,” the post reveals. “Destiny and her two foals were on their feet and all three were enjoying a well-earned feed, the two small ones were enlarging around the stall and exploring their surroundings … only one fetus was revealed. At no point during her pregnancy was there any doubt that something unusual was going on.

Daily Mail

Fortunately, both foals are in very good condition, which can bring relief and gratitude to Tania. Even so, she still tries to find an explanation for the incredibly rare situation.
“It simply came to our notice then. I have been breeding for many years and I have never heard anything like this before,” she said. “It was very realistic. I cannot believe they were healthy. They are healthy and strong foals. They are very terrible.”

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The yet-to-be-named beautiful twins live at the farm with their older brothers, Shockwave and Masta Blasta.

Destiny’s first twins, GFS Shockwave and GFS Masta Black
Photo courtesy Gassons Farm Stud

You can appreciate foals’ dad – the glorious Lord of the dance, in the picture below.

Gassons Farm Stud

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