Two Heroes Rescue Tired Kangaroos From A Frozen Lake In Heartbreaking Scenes

Two heroic Australians join forces to rescue a helpless kangaroo. Roo was left stranded in a frozen lake in Canberra and was in serious distress. Fortunately, two brave men pulled him out of the water just in time. The animal even lends a helping hand to the rescuer. The incident was recorded on camera and the videos were made public on the internet.

The now-viral scene, originally shared on Facebook by David Boyd, an eyewitness to the rescue, shows two strangers cautiously approaching a tired kangaroo trapped in the cold waters of Burley Griffin Lake in Canberra, Australia. The poor animal was eventually taken ashore with him and his rescuers without any harm.

Facebook/David Boyd

“At the end of the day, I think that’s what any hot-blooded person would do,” Nick Crother, one of the two survivors, told ABC Australia. “You help animals or humans or anything you need. We’ve seen it many times over the years.”

Facebook/David Boyd

As the two brave men grabbed the troubled kangaroo and led him to safety, a third man, standing on the board road, laid his hands on the helpless man and tried to comfort him. It took the three men nearly half an hour to calm the tired animal. But when he regains consciousness, Masupial finds the sweetest way to thank his brave savior. He shakes hands.

Facebook/David Boyd

This heartfelt salvation rippled through social media and many people expressed their gratitude to these kind people. “A Maggie gets caught without getting more Aussie than a kangaroo, great job guys,” one person wrote. Another said: “These men were amazingly calm. How awesome guys.

Watch the entire rescue, here:

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