Worried Goose Came to See Her Boyfriend After He is Hospitalized.

One day, a wild goose named Arnold was witnessed to have walking problems by staff at Massachusetts the Cape Wildlife Center. It seems like a wounded foot, so staff hospitalized the goose to the wildlife hospital for some better treatment.

As it turns out, they were not the only ones worried about Arnold. After quick testing at the hospital, it was obvious that Arnold’s foot required a few surgeries to be fixed. But Arnold’s lack was felt by his girlfriend, who decided she would find Arnold for some moral help.

The staff of the Cape Wildlife Center prepared to calm Arnold and get him prepared for surgery and they heard a faint tapping at the hospital clinic door. The staff turned to find out that his girlfriend had waddled up onto the entrance and was trying to break into the clinic. Arnold’s girlfriend had somehow found him.

Fortunately, the surgeries were a success and Arnold was on to recovery.
Arnold’s girlfriend remained there throughout the whole procedure, watching the staff work, never moving from the entrance door. Once the surgeries were over, the staff put Arnold by the door.

They both felt much more at relieving each other’s appearance. Although Arnold needs a few weeks to get recovered. He won’t do it alone. The staff is glad to continue letting his lovely girlfriend visit him.

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