Old Dog Still Likes To Snuggle With Her Stuffed Banana Toy

Domestic dogs are mostly maintained as pets. Without a doubt, they made the most OK friends with people and other animals.

Let us satisfy Tessa, the terrier mix who is just 20+ years of age and is renowned for snuggling her extremely own plush banana as a kind of excellent care as well as protection towards its favored plaything. This toy was a replacement for her old toy eaten by another foster pet dog, obviously, five years back.

Tessa’s owner, Lauren, mentioned,

” I located it in a clearance container at a family pet store; however, I knew it was the dimension of playthings she such as. She instantly took to the banana the moment I gave it to her.”

Tessa likes showing her toy off to all her visitors. As a fact, she will not provide up till she has things her way.
Ultimately, to add in the sense of humor, Tessa is old and deaf currently, so every time a person comes over, they must chew out her, claiming, ‘I like your banana, Tessa!’ to keep her entertained.

Image Credit & More Info; shannaloren/instagram

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