Man Swim Along With A White Bear He Has Actually Been Friends With For More-than 2 Decades

Marc Dumas from Abbotsford (British Columbia, Canada) is the only man who can swim with the white bear. This cute white bear is greater than 23 years of age and has actually made pals with some humans. The bear kisses Marc and also hugs him.

Agee, the bear, considers 362 kilos, and husband and wife prepare the bear to be associated with various entertainment-related productions like ads and films. In fact, Agee was currently in 1995 in the movie called “Aliaska”.

” Agee has actually coped with me all his life,”– states Marc.

As well as we will surely stay together forever. Agee is 23 years old (when the video was taped) as well as in bondage, they live until 35 years”.”.

Marc added that he is not terrified of Agee; they have actually lived together and built a great connection.

As well as Agee also lives a happy life. She doesn’t need to fret about food!

Earlier, Agee was also bitten, but now those days are in the past.

” In childhood years, she bit me. And afterward we demanded her to stop. This is her nature. We intended to wean her from biting as we wean mommies from biting their kids.”.

Marc has been training Agee for a few years currently and recognizes her and also her habits well.

Image Credit & More Info: Barcroft | youtube

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