Bears Kept Stealing Honey From This Bee Farm

Our moms and dads, and teachers continuously advised us not to steal other people’s points from our little days. In some cases, you may have been burglarized. If you have actually encountered the repercussions of a burglary, you would definitely understand just how negative it really feels. You would certainly feel like locating the burglar and also punishing him for beginning with. However, some people turn specific thieves into their companies! So, this is a story about such a wonderful robber.

Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural designer who lives in Trabzon, Turkey. His primary area of work is beekeeping, and for fairly some time, he has been having a hard time preventing lickerish bears from damaging his hives. These bears used to steal honey from several ranches, and consequently, they are considered a problem by many farmers.

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When Ibrahim first figured out that bears were stealing his harvest, he did everything feasible to maintain them far from his farm. He put steel cages around hives and attempted to leave bread, honey, and fruit to prevent them from assaulting his hives, yet absolutely nothing worked.

He was hopeless, yet he also intended to discover more regarding them. He set up photo catch video cameras to track the movements of bears on his farm. So, when he found out about their routines and motions, he thought of this great idea to turn bears right into honey tasters!

He established a table with 4 types of honey for the bears to taste. Surprise cams captured all the motions of bears as well, as it ends up that bears have a pricey taste!

They really did not pay much interest to cherry blossom honey; you can recognize exactly how costly are their taste. Normally, 2 pounds of Anzer honey would set you back more than $300.



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