Calf forms amazing friendship with blind bison

True friends are rare in the world. If we meet a kind-hearted friend who always thinks about us and they don’t like to see our worries. They always do better things for us. This story says that kind of friendship among two friends. This is not about humans and it is about two animals.



Helen is a blind bison who has lived in Oregan’s Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary alone for years without any company. However, Helen met a very good friend called Oliver. Oliver is a calf and Helen was not quite nervous and sad after meeting Oliver. Oliver used to crawl under Helen’s skin and it led to Oliver’s body becoming the same color as Helen’s with time. Both Helen and Oliver do not separate from each other and it seems blind Helen adopted him. Seems Oliver’s mom is generous because she mostly hands Oliver over to Helen to enjoy while she wanders somewhere nearby. However, Oliver has become a buffalo baby at the present. It appears an extraordinary change that can be manifested in Oliver’s behavior. Gwen Jakubisin, director of Lighthouse Sanctuary said that manner to USA Today.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary has over 200 animals. With Helen’s and Oliver’s companions, they can add more value to their lives. This adorable friendship led Helen to make friends with other animals in the area and also it added more positive outcomes to Helen’s Life. It seems that Helen enjoys motherhood which she has never been experienced.

There are many animals in the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary that have suffered a lot of damage from people. The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary offers all the animals to live without any fear and enjoy the freedom. They want to sprinkle some light on livestock agriculture and make an incredible peace among all these animals. When bad people destroy someone’s happiness, Kind-hearted people always think about others’ happiness.


If we have a chance to go there we can able to see the harmony among these animals and also we can see animals enjoy their freedom at there. This world is not only for the humans. Animals also feel love, happiness, and caring and they need it. Happy to say that the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary admires those good thoughts well. You can see adorable clicks of Oliver and Helen and their friendship below.

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