Southern Whales Identified In Fleurieu For The Very First Time

These whales are differentiated from others because of the callosities on their head and from their broad back. Which does not have a dorsal fin. Likewise, they have a lengthy mouth that begins above their eye. These Southern Right Whales have extremely dark grey or black skin, and additionally, there are white spots in their tummies at times.

In 2021, Southern Right Whales had actually been seen in the area around Victor Harbour and Encounter Bay in the Fleurieu waters for the first time. They had actually been seen on the 28th. Granite Island and Oliver’s Reef at about 8in the early morning. During that time, the species was not recognized.



Afterward, around 10-11 in the morning, there had actually been various records. A whale had been seen around the Granite and Seal Islands. When they had actually been around 400m from southwest of the Seal Island. It had actually been validated as a Southern Right Whale at concerning 11.45 in the morning.



The whale spectators likewise had actually seen it around the Bluff and also the Seal Island. As well as it had actually been validated that there was a pair of whales. About 1800m out in between the southerly suggestion of Bluff and Seal Island at about 1.30 in the mid-day. they had actually been entering the northeast direction.


They had gone west about 1500m from the Waitpinga cliff. Before that, they had been around the Bluff and also Petrel Cove for a long time. They had actually been seen after about a month of spotting the very first humpback in Fleurieu waters.


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